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Webinar: The Importance of LETS When Making Lubricant Recommendations

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The four-tier “LETS” approach helps to bridge the gap between the OEM recommendation under perfect operating conditions and what is the reality for the end user. Determining load, environment, temperature and speed (LETS) can set up the end user for success as it requires a holistic approach in selecting the correct lubricant. Learn more in this webinar, hosted by CBM Connect.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of holistic approach to successful lubricant selection
  • Why operating conditions and environment might require you to deviate from OEM recommendations
  • Basic understanding of how to select the proper lubricant by considering proper chemistry and physical properties
  • How to check equipment manuals, tags and online resources to gain useful insight


Date & Time


Wednesday, Aug. 24

11 am-12 pm ET (10-11 am CT)

Your Presenter


Patrick Loe

Technical Services Engineer, Lubrication Engineers

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